Power - Created with a fast action rod blank, the Convert Switch Rod has the power to cast in just about any environment imaginable. Let the rod do the work. Heavy sink tips partnered with thick Skagit lines are no match for the fluid power of these responsive rods. Just imagine, no more fatigue after a long day of winter fishing!

Control - Optimized with an extremely lightweight fast action taper that will ensure a delicate presentation of your fly for both the novice and the experienced angler under almost any condition.

Dependability - The Convert Switch Rod comes with a lifetime, original owner warranty that protects your investment against defects and "accidents" that can occur to even the best of us. All our rods are constructed with the finest Pacific Bay guides out of Sequim, Washington to ensure they will last a lifetime!

We have designed the Convert Switch Rod to have the strength to cast into the fiercest of winds or throw the heaviest of bugs, while maintaining the fluidity that allows for a flawless presentation of dry flies. Cast it as a compact two-handed spey rod or as a traditional one-handed fly rod. It's one of the only switch rods on the market that can be easily converted into a one-handed casting machine by simply unscrewing the butt handle.

Engineered to be everything you need, to land all the fish you want in as many locations as you can find.
- 11'-6" 5wt., 4 Section Fast Action Switch Rod
- Lifetime Original Owner Warranty
- Uplocking, Machined Aluminum Reel Seat w/Burl Wood Inlay
- Premium Cork Handle With Removable Butt Grip
- Gunsmoke Snake Guides
- Made with Pacific Bay Guides From Sequim, Washington
- Comes With Rod Sock & Aluminum Rod Tube

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The 5wt Convert Switch Rod