5wt Convert Switch Rod - Created with a fast action rod blank, the Convert Switch Rod has the power to cast in just about any environment imaginable. Let the rod do the work. Heavy sink tips partnered with thick skagit lines are no match for the fluid power of these responsive rods. Just imagine, no more fatigue after a long day of winter fishing!

7wt Convert CSL Switch Rod - Using the same fast action rod blank as our original Convert, the Convert CSL Switch Rod is engineered to create phenomenal line speeds during the forward cast allowing for an effortless day fishing at your favorite waterway. Increasing the graphite content of our blanks, as compared with most other switch rods on the market today, boosts the rod's responsiveness while decreasing its overall blank weight.

Kanon Fly Rod - Like its name suggests, the Kanon Series Fly Rod is built on a strong, fast action blank that generates enough power to blast monster flies into a headwind with no fear of them coming back at you (for unwanted piercings). Our surprising little secret though... the Kanon is actually a "gentle giant". We've designed it with a taper & tip that are so sensitive, you will be amazed at how connected you feel to both the fly and the fish.

All Moriston Rod Company fly rods, Spey rods & switch rods come with a lifetime, original owner warranty that protects your investment against defects and "accidents" that can occur to even the best of us.  You can check out our warranty in detail here.
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